लिंग की टाइट सील क्या होती है | Tight Frenulum in Hindi

Hello Friends, welcome back to my YouTube channel. Do you feel pain while having sex? though the penis skin get retracts during sex, but the seal bothers you Does your peins seal bleed when it breaks? or you can’t sex properly? then this video will help you to understand what penis seal or frenulum is. How many options are there to treat frenulum? when the treatment is needed or when you don’t get treatment, it still goes on? I will let you know the differences between penis’s seal or frenulum and phimosis. watch this video carefully and your any doubts regarding frenulum of penis will be solved. today I will let you know what frenulum or penis’s seal is. and what could be the problem for this frenulum? How can we differentiate between phimosis and tight foreskin? understand first, the glans The edge of the glans has a hole in the penis The foreskin on top of it has two layers. the pink one is on the inside and the brown one is on the outside there is a vessel which connects the tip of the foreskin and penis is called frenulum. normally in the erected state the foreskin should get retract if the whole skin retracts smoothly and you don’t feel anything it means your foreskin is normal after retract the foreskin, the frenulum blocks the foreskin to retract, or tight enough then it can be called a tight penis seal. so as you can see that the foreskin has retracted. But inside this area if it’s tight then it’s called tight frenulum or tight penis seal. there could be two types of problems, firstly, if the skin is tight, it wouldn’t allow to retract. the tip of the penis will bend forward Due to the curvature, it will cause pain when inserting the penis into the vagina or can’t be inserted second problem is, if you force to do it, it will cut which is called frenulum tear also as you can see the frenulum is tight, Bleeding from this point may occur due to tear or it can cause you pain and after healing process it sticks tight again Normally, from this point, the frenulum should be torn or separated. But if it tear from this point repeatedly, rather of being from this point. it can make problems of having sex, There is a possibility of bleeding and pain the patients can face the problem of premature ejaculation and early discharges so, this problem is related to the tight frenulum or penis seal. normally The frenulum is present in all patients. If you check 100 men, they all have frenulum absolutely. frenulum is not tight normally, If we are checking out 100 patients, 90% of them have normal frenulum. but 10% of them may have tight frenulum Normal patients skin will retract easily and The frenulum will remain loose to the patient Patients do not face any difficulty in having sex some patients ask that they have frenulum and want to remove it If the frenulum is not tight,no difficulties in intercourse, no pain, no bleeding or cuts, no premature discharge, So there’s no logic to take out this frenulum If you have any problem out of these five as the frenulum is cut, bleeding, aching, early discharging ,if the penis is getting bent or difficulties in sex, Then you need to remove and loosen the frenulum now there are two ways to remove frenulum the first method is frenectomy frenectomy means not to remove frenulum, but to excise the whole area to remove the whole skin and stitch it we don’t do frenectomy because the frenulum you have, there are nerves along with this frenulum which carries sexual transition if we remove the whole area, damages more We do one thing which is called frenuloplasty What is frenuloplasty basically…. suppose, this is the frenulum, cut from here instead of cutting from here, we seperate from here will bring it down like this we will do in this condition like it’s a patient, has a tight frenulum, we’ll separate from here we’ll bring it down his frenulum And the gap that will be made in the middle, we will fix it or apply glue. The frenulum that was attached to you here, get it down and bring it here so, the bend of the penis also get fixed, become straight, the frenulum also become healed. that fine scar, which we made stitchless, Once it is healed, the patient can have normal intercourse after 10 days. if your frenulum is tight, instead of suffering or worrying, do normally that stitchless frenuloplasty, which takes 5 minutes only patient recovers immediately after surgery and Patient can do normal interaction after 10 days of surgery. he gets many advantages his frenulum looks longer, intercourse gets better, ends pain and premature ejaculation and these repeated cuts and discharge gets end here the three most commonly asked questions are 1st of all, is it mandatory to remove every frenulum? It’s no. if you have no problem, your skin retracts smoothly, then it’s okay then no treatment is needed, your frenulum is normal and enjoy your life. the second question, is it mandatory to remove frenulum in phimosis? it’s yes. Phimosis means the foreskin is tight. see this is the glans and the foreskin is tight, when we remove some portion of foreskin, we have to seperate the attached frenulum so frenuloplasty is a part of phimosis treatment if you have phimosis, during your circumcision it’ll manage the frenulum and fix it at the same time the third question, which is very common sometimes, people confuse the frenulum with phimosis and vice versa, it has a simple answer if your skin retracts properly during erection after retract properly, if penis edge hurts or it gets bent during erection then it is frenulum If your skin isn’t going all the way back, getting stuck behind the glans or feels tightness So you have both frenulum and phimosis so please diagnose on your own or come here we’ll diagnose wholly and will treat properly frenuloplasty is stitched or stitchless, the link of this video is given below. watch that and you will get all the information. there are playlist that includes different techniques of frenuloplasty and problems of the frenulum, you can watch all surgeries very closely, and will get enough information the problems of frenuloplasty or tight frenulum looks simple but annoys the patient a lot it’s treatment also looks simple but if the trained surgeon doesn’t do it properly, you can face many problems due to wrong cut, healing may be late This area is very sensitive and very difficult If wrong surgery is done once in it, its healing is also difficult and it can cause difficulty in long term solutions So get it done from a properly trained surgeon only. we treat 1000 to 2000 cases of penis seal problem in a year and we are enough experienced you will get good results and good solutions. if you get understood, please do like and share with your friends. you can ask your queries in the comment section or you can connect with me on WhatsApp, email or Facebook also. thank you for watching this video, take care, Namaste.

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